What is SandResist™?

SandResist™ is our revolutionary 350gsm fabric that we've specifically engineered to create a towel that has multifunctional characteristics. The fabric is made up of tiny strands of fibres, which are 100 times finer than a human hair. Utilising new wave textile technology, our fabric construction involves splitting polyester and polyamide and densely weaving them to form our luxury, waffle-textured towel.

What are the benefits of SandResist™?

  • Absorbent. Can hold 3 to 4 x its own weight in water. 
  • Sand free. Because of the densely woven fibres sand will just roll off.
  • Odourless.
  • Durable. Lasts 10 x longer than a cotton towel.
  • Lightweight & Soft.
  • Quick Dry. Dries 4 x quicker than a cotton towel.

    Is SandResist™ durable?

    Yes, very durable. Anyone who’s ever cleaned the lint filter on their clothes dryer knows that even the best quality fabric sheds lint and that is why many fabrics and clothing have a lifespan. However, SandResist™ does NOT shed lint – ever. This means the lifespan of the fabric is significantly increased, as long as the simple care instructions are followed. 

    Is SandResist™ Eco Friendly even compared to cotton?

    Yes, in many ways.

    • Our fabrics are recyclable.
    • SandResist™ is a synthetic textile therefore it’s produced and dyed using a fraction of the water it takes to produce the same amount of cotton.
    • The odourless properties means that the towels can be washed infrequently and the quick drying feature means that the towels will rarely need a clothes drier.
    • Being so durable the fabric will also outlast many other fabrics.