Thank you for visiting Sky Gazer. It means a lot! We are a teeny, tiny family run business born out of our love of travel, fresh designs, the environment and innovation.

Embarking on a family adventure can be exciting, but the packing process can be daunting. This was especially true for our family who had years of travel experience under our belt. However, after welcoming our little ones, we quickly learned that "size matters" when it comes to packing for any occasion - from a day at the beach to a family holiday.

In order to make things easier for ourselves and others, we created our compact, sand-free towels. Since then, we've continued to innovate and expand our product line with unique features - like suitcase sleeves on our beach bags and hidden cabana holes on our mats - to make the experience even better.

Our journey is just beginning and we're excited for what's to come. Join us as we strive to make packing and enjoying the great outdoors simpler and more fun!

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